The Advantages of Custom Built Furniture Over Store Bought


U-shaped conference table: 17'-6" x 8' x 30"h. 30" deep table top, full-height modesty panel. All surfaces: plain-sliced cherry veneer and solids.

Furniture can be a costly investment for your business. But it’s also an opportunity to showcase your business and its uniqueness. Although many box stores have joined the furniture business, custom built furniture is a top choice for many customers.

3 advantages of custom built furniture:

* Quality: The quality of the furniture that you are purchasing should be your number one concern. Furniture tends to get a lot of wear and tear and the type of material that is used to construct the pieces can be a factor in how long the furniture will last. With custom furniture, you can specify the materials that you want to use, and have input as to the construction methods to assure that your furniture will last as long as you desire.

* Functionality: Often times, businesses find that it can be a challenge to find pieces that function well in their space. Small office suites are a perfect example of how custom- built furniture is a better option than store bought. Custom furniture is designed specifically for a space and can add to the usefulness of the space. Custom made pieces can be made to meet exact specifications whereas with store-bought pieces you get what is available. Including multiple needs into one piece such as lighting, shelving, and storage allows the customer to get the most and best use from their space and their furniture.

* Get exactly what you want: Store-bought furniture usually does not meet every design wish of the customer. For custom furniture, the designer knows exactly what the piece will be used for and sets out to create a piece that matches exactly what the client wants for their home. With custom pieces, clients can have a say in materials used to construct the piece versus simply settling for what is available in the store.

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