How To Take Care Of Your Custom Furniture

Maybe we’re biased, but your custom office furniture most likely has a prominent place in your office. As such, taking good care of it is critical. Faded finishes and damaged surfaces won’t make your company shine.  Fortunately, our products are easy to take care of.

Here’s how to take care of your custom furniture pieces:

  1. Wood Furnishings: The high-end lacquer finish we have on our wood products makes it so there’s not too much upkeep. Usually, a light dusting with an aerosol dusting spray (such as Endust) and a soft cloth will suffice. For heavier dirt, a glass cleaner will work. Be wary of oil-based wood cleaners, such as Pledge. These leave a residue on the finish that can be difficult to take off.
  2. High Pressure Laminate: Your best bet for high-end laminate is a mild glass cleaner with a soft, lint-free cloth. The occasional use of Counter Top Magic can add some shine, but it’s not needed.
  3. Granite and Marble: Many people overthink the maintenance of marble and granite. These stone surfaces should be sealed, but for day-to-day care, all that is needed is water and a soft, lint-free cloth and water, followed with a dry cloth to dry the surface. If a deeper clean is needed, a small amount of mild dish soap can be used but be sure to rinse with clean water to prevent buildup.
  4. Overall care: With all our products, regardless of materials chosen, we suggest protecting all surfaces from heat and liquids. Coasters, trivets, desk pads and quick cleanup of any spills will help protect the surfaces.

At Unique Concepts, we know that office furnishings are investment pieces for your office. They’re not only functional, but also tie into your branding and corporate culture. Taking good care of them will keep these statement pieces shining for years to come. Contact us when you’re ready to add custom furnishings to your office.