Bowman and Brooke, LLP

The Columbia offices of Bowman and Brooke, LLP, a nationally-known law firm, were awarded the LEED Gold certification in 2011.  Bowman and Brooke became the first law firm in South Carolina to receive LEED certification from the United States Green Building Council.

As with any LEED project, many strategies were employed in order to earn the necessary number of credits needed to achieve LEED Gold status.  For the Bowman and Brooke offices, one of the components employed by the project’s designer, LS3P Associates, was use of materials that are rapidly renewable, especially bamboo, which was used extensively throughout the offices on doors, walls, and millwork.  This use extended to two conference tables.

“We knew that we wanted to use bamboo as a material for the conference tables, but we also wanted to employ other interesting materials.  When we came up with our designs, we knew that it was going to take a special fabricator to be able to deliver the pieces that we envisioned.  I had worked with Unique Concepts previously, and they came to mind right away,” said Lisa Kerr Lyles, the Director of Interior Architecture at LS3P’s Columbia office, who designed the tables in collaboration with Lauren Lancaster, interior designer for Corporate Concepts, the furniture supplier for the project.

Unique Concepts created two conference tables for Bowman and Brooke.  Both tables feature a back-painted glass infield, and strip of brushed aluminum, a large border of a quartz surface, another inlay of brushed aluminum and a border of bamboo.  Each table has one grommet in the wider aluminum inlay to allow cabling to be brought up to the table top if needed.  Electrical and data connectors were placed in the aprons of the tables.

“Working with Unique Concepts on this project made it easy for us, and ultimately a success for our client” said Ms. Lyles.  “Once they understood what we wanted, they pulled everything together, and the result is beautiful!  I look forward to working with them again.”