Three Common Products We Create for Our Clients

At Unique Concepts, we approach each project individually and, yes, uniquely. Our customers come to us so their businesses will stand out. Even though what we build is custom and unique, we tend to make a lot of specific types of products.

Here are three of the most popular products we create:

  1. Reception Desks: Whether they’re for a retail space or an office area, reception desks are usually the first real look at a business that a client will get – and we all know how important a first impression can be. We take pride in our reception areas, making sure to incorporate unique touches that will not only look great, but will also reflect your company’s culture.
  2. Conference Tables: Is your conference room a place for creative brainstorming or a place where contract details get hammered out and finalized? Either way, this is another area where we love to work. A lot of big decisions are made in a conference room, and we like to help make it functional and stylish. Exotic woods, metal-etched logos, deep shine…we can create whatever the company needs out of a well-designed conference table.
  3. Lecterns: The word ‘lectern’ conjures up memories of boring lectures in old, stuffy college lecture halls. But that’s not what we’re about at Unique Concepts. A lectern is essentially a home base of sorts for a speaker. We work on functionality, technology and make it look good, too. Despite the smaller size, our approach to lecterns is as detailed as our approach to our reception areas and conference tables.

Our mission is to create gorgeous custom furniture for office spaces that reflects your company. Although these are our most popular products, we create all different types of pieces. Talk to us to get started on a dream office space.