Custom Lecterns

A well-designed lectern can make the difference between a presentation that dazzles and a presentation that fizzles. At Unique Concepts, we create custom lecterns of all shapes and sizes.

But creating custom lecterns means more than just getting the dimensions right. For instance, some clients appreciate lift mechanisms that allow a lectern to adjust to the heights of different speakers.

Our clients also like having a lectern built to their exact specifications, allowing for optimal placement of any needed audio/visual components. Our craftsmen can also build doors into the lectern’s panels to allow easy access to the interior. And since we work closely with audio/visual professionals, our lecterns are technically functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

We build each lectern to the client’s exact specifications, which means we include only the components that you want and need.

Check out the pictures at the right for some examples of our variety of custom lecterns. Clicking on any of the images will enable you to see a larger image and a brief description. We are happy to answer your questions, so please contact us for more information.