Three Types of Wood Used in Custom Wood Furniture

Custom office furniture can take many forms, but the most popular material used for these designs is wood. But even within the world of wood, there are different wood products that can be used to make unique furniture pieces that truly represent a company.

Here are three ways that wood is used to create custom wood office furniture:

  1. Wood veneers. Veneers are almost paper-thin slices of wood that are adhered to substrates, such as particle board or medium density fiberboard (mdf). These panels are them used to make table tops, cabinet, wall panels and more.  Veneers are available in dozens of varieties of woods and are an excellent way to feature the beauty of wood and maximize the yield from a tree. “Sketchface” veneers use special matches to take veneers to an even more dramatic level.  Veneers from special woods, such as bird’s eyes or burls can also be used to add interest to a panel.
  2. Solid wood. While veneers are often used to create panels for furniture and millwork, solid wood is also used on occasion.  For instance, a veneered table top may have a solid wood edge, which can be formed into a variety of edge profilesButcher block tables and countertops are created from multiple pieces of solid wood (often maple) that are glued together, resulting in a beautiful, durable surface.
  3. Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is wood that was already used for another purpose such as a barn, old buildings, old flooring…sometimes even old bowling alleys! These beautiful, weathered pieces that seemingly no longer have a purpose can be reclaimed for a new furniture piece.  Using reclaimed wood has been increasingly popular in the office furniture market in the past few years.  Reclaimed wood can also be sliced into veneers.


Being able to use different types of woods to create unique furnishings is a passion for us. If you are looking to add a custom piece to your office area, contact Unique Concepts today.