Three Ways to Incorporate Your Business Personality Into Your Office Furnishings

We’ve all seen bland, gray cubicle cities, just like we’ve all seen photos of totally decked out cubicles that look like they’re Broadway sets. But most of our offices lie somewhere in between – not a bland sea of carpeting, but not quite amusement park. Or so we hope.

Office furnishings need to be efficient, sturdy, long-lasting, offer easily-accessible storage solutions, easy to acquire, and oh, yeah…we want it to look good, too. And not only look good, but it must jive with the company. Think about it. Furniture takes up a lot of real estate in an office setting. Visually, it has a huge impact, so it needs to work for the company. Can furniture do all this? Trust us, it can be done!


To get started, here are three ways that you can incorporate your company’s personality into your office furnishings:


  • Customize it. Incorporate logos, mission statements, company colors, etc., into the furnishings. Different shades of the company’s colors can be used to add depth, elements from a logo can be isolated and used as a background…truly, the only limit to customization is your imagination.
  • Materials. What the furnishings are made of also reflect a company’s vibe. A spa might opt for sleek glass with soothing light, a law firm might choose dark wood, and an architect might choose upcycled materials. As with colors and logos, there is a lot of flexibility. There are countless options for wood veneers, stains, acrylics, metal, and other materials for construction.
  • Showcase. Another way to infuse a company’s personality is to build in spaces to show off the business. Whether it’s spaces for products, product information, company history, or employee spotlights, using valuable surface area to showcase the business is a great way show off the company’s culture.


Whatever your office furnishing needs are, Unique Concepts can create a solution that will showcase your company’s personality. Contact us today!